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We Are Creating an Exclusive e-Learning Catalogue
Focusing on Aging and Longevity

F4L Academy is an e-learning platform designed to bridge the gap between organizations and the needs of individuals and families in the age of longevity

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About F4L Academy

Dive into F4L Academy, your e-learning hub crafted to cater to the diverse educational needs of organizations, academic institutions and individuals in the age of longevity. Our digital platform bridges the knowledge gap, covering a vast expanse of subjects from demography to the science of aging and beyond.

Whether you're a corporate professional aiming to enhance your expertise, a researcher delving into the depths of human longevity, or a curious mind eager to understand the multi-faceted world we live in, F4L Academy is your key to boundless knowledge.

What makes us so unique?

Guidance from Industry Leaders: Learn from the best, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

Diverse Curriculum:
Catering to a broad audience, from longevity enthusiasts and corporate professionals to those exploring the broader implications of human progress.

Immersive Content: Engaging, interactive modules that guarantee a fulfilling learning experience.

Collaborative Opportunities: Connect with a global community, fostering shared experiences and knowledge exchange.

What Others Have to Say About Our Courses

“The instructors explained the content very clearly. The most important takeaway for me from the course was the universality of the longevity challenges and opportunities. In addition, the reality of the aging population demographics vs. the perception of what financial institutions are promoting.”
Douglas Dubitsky
Retirement Income Export
GoalBased Investors
United States
“Overall, I rate the course “Excellent”. Thanks a lot for all the great sessions.”
Nil Meral
“I would like to congratulate you on the organization of the course. The content, the material, the duration, all the concepts, and the explanations were great. I love the Slack tool for creating community also. I am very, very happy with all the knowledge I acquired after taking this course. Thank you.”
Barbara Rey Actis
Entrepreneur and author
Longevity Initiatives
“The course is amazing, both in the content it provides and the way it’s leveraging the online media.”
Einav Aharoni Yonas
Co-Founder & CEO
Stealth Mode Startup
“This program should be taken by anyone working in financial services. As the population gets older fintech and longevity will become extremely important.”
Laura Minquini
Founder and CoreLead
“Superb content, worked wonders at fast tracking my knowledge, saved many hours of my own time that I would have spent researching this subject.”
Mark Whitcroft
Co-founder and CEO
“The program was excellent. During the course, I found the increasing importance and opportunities to Fintech and Longevity.”
Sachio Nishioka
Partner, DXC Technology
"Fintech for Longevity Academy has launched a few programs to address the needs of an aging world. The courses look at where we are now and what we can do with demographic forecasts for the future. It's about Liquidity (now), Longevity (tomorrow and Legacy (afterward) financing. This might add another dimension for pension funds, too."
Therese Fassler

Fintech for Longevity Academy