Fintech 4longevity

Redefining the relationship between aging, longevity, health and financial institutions through research and innovation. We are a unique consulting platform and knowledge center. Based on our curated database of start-ups in the intersection between aging, longevity, health and finance, we help the financial services industry to redefine their relationship with aging and older adults. By conducting a distinct research process, deep industry expertise and global ecosystem of financial technologies and health/wealth resources, our mission is to help financial institutions to build a sustainable engagement with those in the age of 50 and above.

Building trust

We help financial institutions build trust and sustainable relationships with their aging and older customers.


We provide deep industry expertise and access to a global ecosystem of financial technologies.

Navigating longevity

We define the gaps in our client’s current value proposition in order to unlock the potential of the longevity economy.

Fintech 4longevity is a consulting platform and a knowledge center

We prepare financial institutions for the demographic trend of aging by helping them to build partnerships with fintechs for long-term relationships with aging and older customers.


We help financial institutions eliminate barriers when addressing aging customers through partnerships with existing anti-fraud and anti-scam solutions.


We use academic research and a curated approach to existing technologies in order to encourage longevity planning for aging customers.

Unique database

Our global database of fintechs ensures financial institutions are always performing at their highest potential and competitive advantage.

User-centric approach

We help your customers address their financial health challenges while navigating life transitions from work to retirement.

Health wealth gradient

We use academic research on the subject of aging to ensure your business is on the cutting edge of recent trends in aging, longevity and healthcare.

Engage with healthcare

We help you create partnerships between different stakeholders to improve the health of ageing and older customers.

Welcome to Fintech 4Longevity

  • By promoting financial wellbeing
    and economic resilience among aging and older adults, we concentrate on novel solutions as robo-retirements, digital trusts, wills and vaults, and other fintechs that have the potential to disrupt retirement, pensions and healthcare systems.
  • Our curated global
    financial technologies are pivotal for inclusion and financial well-being among adults from the age of 50 throughout their late-life transitions.

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