Introduction to Age-Friendly Banking

Age-friendly banking involves designing and delivering banking services that are accessible, convenient, and user-friendly for older adults. Join our introductory course on age-friendly banking to learn how banks worldwide support older adults with the resources they need to manage their finances and achieve their financial goals.
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Online, self paced
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What you'll learn

  • Describe the key elements that make banking services accessible, convenient, and user-friendly for older adults.
  • Analyze global best practices and case studies of age-friendly banking initiatives.
  • Develop strategies for financial resilience, inclusion, and consumer protection for older adults.
  • Implement effective employee training and customer education programs to enhance age-friendly banking services.
  • Address challenges such as privacy concerns and fraud prevention in age-friendly banking.

Who is this course for

  • Bankers and financial services providers
  • Economists
  • Financial Planners
  • Customer service professionals
  • Regulatory compliance officers
  • Demographic experts
  • Consumer protections professionals

Course content

1. Understanding the Psychology of Aging
2. Money Management and Planning for the Future
3. Decision Making and Psychological Well-being
4. Wrap-Up
Introduction - Aging in Australia from an International Perspective
1. Understanding Australia’s Aging Population
2. Healthcare Landscape in Australia
3. Australian Cultural Perspectives
4. AgeTech in Australia
5. Future Trends of Aging in Australia
1. The Demographic Trends of Aging Around the World
2. Is The Frontier of Survival Still Advancing?
3. The Reciprocal Relationship Between Society, Healthcare, and Aging
4. Effects of Aging on Real Estate, Financial Markets & Interest Rate
1. What is Age-Friendly Banking
2. The 3 Interrelated Elements of Age-Friendly Banking
3. Age-friendly Banking in Practice, Part I
4. Age friendly Banking in Practice, Part II
1. Setting The Stage
2. Financial Inclusion 1.0 Versus Financial Inclusion 2.0
3. Strategies For Measuring Financial Inclusion Around the World
4. Mobile Money, Poverty, and Gender Equality
5. Religion, Gender, Race, and Old Age in the New Digital Banking
6. Micro-Pensions and Savings
7. Credit, Risk, and Financial Inclusion
8. Future Trends (such as a Digital Central Currency) and Their Expected Impact on Financial Inclusion
1. Short Introduction
2. Alternative Saving Models in the Digital World
1. Understanding the Biology of Aging
2. The Longevity Market, Money and Research
3. The Conventional Approach to Longevity
4. Longevity Medicine and Best Practices
5. Longevity - The Long Term
6. Key Takeaways & Further Reading
1. Navigating Relationships
2. Navigating Purpose
3. Navigating Health
4. Navigating Wealth
1. Foundations of AgeTech and Aging
2. Challenges of Aging - Tech-Enabled Solutions
3. Trends and Opportunities in AgeTech
4. Big Tech in AgeTech
5. Future Directions and Innovation in AgeTech
1. General Overview of The Old Population in India
2. Leading Challenges
3. Examples of Government Initiatives
4. Key Takeaways

Skills covered in this course

age-friendly banking
regulatory compliance
fraud prevention
risk management
policy analysis
family caregiving
consumer protection
financial inclusion


  • No previous knowledge required



Dr. Ira Sobel
Founder and Academic Director, Fintech for Longevity Academy

Dr. Ira Sobel is the founder and Academic Director of Fintech for Longevity Academy, a trusted provider of financial longevity for corporate professionals around the world. Dr. Sobel specializes in the economic aspects of aging with a particular focus on the role of Fintech in improving the financial well-being of older adults and their families. Dr. Sobel lives in Israel where she is currently teaching a course on “Financial Inclusion in the Fintech Age” at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is an international speaker and advisor to many Fintech companies and VCs around the world. Dr. Sobel has a PhD in Sociology from Tel Aviv University.

Ronald Long
Principal of Long Life Consulting and Former Head of Aging Client Services Wells Fargo & Company

Ronald C. Long retired in 2022 as the Head of Aging Client Services for Wells Fargo. In this role, he worked with all of Wells Fargo’s business units to help them stay abreast of the changing regulatory environment on issues related to the aging client.  With his leadership, Ron is helping all business lines focus on the day-to-day needs of aging clients and their families.  Ron worked in sales for Armstrong World Industries and West Point Pepperell.  He is a graduate of Williams College and received his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center.



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Professional Certificate
Acquire a certificate showcasing your skill mastery.
Recommended level
Online, self paced
Mode of learning
Professional Certificate
Acquire a certificate showcasing your skill mastery.
Recommended level
Online, self paced
Mode of learning