The Gift of Time-  Navigating Women's Longevity

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Online Course
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About the course

Unlock Your Full Potential !

Are you ready to live your best life in your golden years? This course is your secret weapon to thriving after 50. We empower you with the life skills you need, from financial savvy to relationship wisdom to embrace aging with enthusiasm and grace. A One-Stop-Shop for All Your Aging Concerns...

Forget piecing together advice from multiple sources. "The Gift of Time" is your ultimate roadmap, covering everything from relationship and healthcare to finance and career planning. It's like having a team of experts in your pocket, 24/7! Crack the Code on Gender-Specific Aging...

Whether you're navigating aging on a personal level or spearheading organizational change, this course is designed with you in mind. Our modules aren't just theoretical fluff; they're packed with actionable tips that you can apply immediately.

Are you in a leadership position? Equip yourself with the tools to create and implement gender-responsive aging policies in your organization and dive in and discover the transformative power of understanding your unique aging journey.

Learning Objectives :

•To empower women to face the challenges and opportunities of aging with confidence

•To examine the specific factors that contribute to gender disparities in the aging process

•For organizational leaders, to impart the knowledge and tools necessary for contributing to the development and implementation of gender-responsive aging policies and programs for women in mid-life.

Who is this Course for

•Women in the age of 50 and above

•Policymakers and Advocates

•Life Coaches and Mentors

•Professionals working with women aged 50 and above

•Women in leadership and HR roles

•Diversity and Inclusion Professionals

•Financial Advisors and Planners

•Researchers and Academics

Skills Covered in this Course

Structure of the Course



Introduction to Module I

Lesson I - Defining Social Capital

Lesson 2: Navigating Relationships

Lesson 2a: Marriage Advantages

Lesson 2b : Spousal Bereavement

Lesson 2c: Grey Divorce

Lesson 2d: New Romance

Lesson 3: Grandparenting

Lesson 4: Solitude vs. Loneliness

Lesson 5: Caregiving

Further Reading - Module I


Introduction to Module II

Lesson 1 : Ageism - Nature, Scale, Impact, Determinants and Strategies

Lesson 2 : Loneliness vs. Isolation

Lesson 3: Late blooming- New Possibilities for Reinvention

Lesson 4 : Intergenerationality: Putting Six Generations Together

Lesson 5 : What Can Women Do in Their Extra Decades of Life

Key Takeaways from Module II


Introduction to Module III

Lesson 1: Epidemiology of Women's Health

Lesson 2: Biomarkets in Women

Lesson 3: Interventions to Optimize Longevity

Lesson 4 : Challenges and Future Directions


Lesson 1 : Financial Independence of Women Over 50

Lesson 2 : Income Dynamics and Gender-based Disparities

Lesson 3 : Mastering Finance after 50

Lesson 4 : Empowering Wealth in the Second Half of Life

More Information

The Course will be available soon!


Emanuela Notari
Co-founder, Active Longevity Institute

Longevity Strategist, lecturer in Longevity Planning, co-founder of Active Longevity Institute

As one of the very few Italian longevity experts, Emanuela offers advisory, training and lecturing on longevity

planning for the protection and enhancement of the financial, physical and human capitals required for the longevity

navigation to be as smooth as possible. In 2019 she co-founded A.L.I. the first Observatory on Active Aging in

Italy. Emanuela’s background includes a strong expertise in communication and management through a 20 years career

in advertising and a more recent expertise as the Publishing Director of a small financial publishing company.

Certifivations include Financial Longevity Leaderhsip Course by Fintech for Longevity Academy.

Bárbara Rey Actis
Founder, Longevity Initiatives

Bárbara Rey Actis is the founder of Longevity Initiatives, a specialized consultancy focused on providing professional advice, content development, and training in longevity for entrepreneurs, professionals, and companies in LATAM and Iberia.

Residing in Spain, Bárbara is currently involved in teaching three distinct generations. She imparts knowledge to young students at Antonio Nebrija University, offers insights to senior managers and entrepreneurs through the 40+ League, and engages with senior retirees at Instituto Cultural Europeo. In addition to her role as a teacher, Bárbara serves as a speaker and advisor for numerous companies and startups. Holding an MBA from Instituto de Empresa, she graduated with honors.

Dr Ana Baroni MD PhD MSc

With an MD, PhD, and expertise inlongevity and precision medicine, Dr. Ana Baroni, serves as CMO and CSO at, promoting health andlongevity through science. Certified in Functional Medicine and Nutrition, Dr.Baroni leverages genomics and biochemistry to innovate in health tech. Educatedat INSEAD, Wharton, and Harvard, She teaches at Barcelona and UNIRUniversities, consult for biotech firms, and hold multiple MSc degrees andboard certifications.


What Others Have to Say About Our Courses

Douglas Dubitsky
Retirement Income Export
GoalBased Investors

“The instructors explained the content very clearly. The most important takeaway for me from the course was the universality of the longevity challenges and opportunities. In addition, the reality of the aging population demographics vs. the perception of what financial institutions are promoting.”

Nil Meral

“Overall, I rate the course “Excellent”. Thanks a lot for all the great sessions.”

Barbara Rey Actis
Entrepreneur and author
Longevity Initiatives

“I would like to congratulate you on the organization of the course. The content, the material, the duration, all the concepts, and the explanations were great. I love the Slack tool for creating community also. I am very, very happy with all the knowledge I acquired after taking this course. Thank you.”