Aging and Its Effect on Economies

Learn about the effect of aging on real estate, interest rates and wealth management from world-renown experts in the field of financial demography. Become a leader of change in your organization and gain a certificate of completion from F4L Academy in collaboration with WDA Forum from Switzerland.

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Online Course
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About the course

  • Understand the demographic trends of aging and longevity around the world
  • Be aware of the debate on the future of longevity and recent trends in survival
  • Understand the expected effect of aging on interest rates and stock prices.
  • Be aware of the effect of the changing demography on real estate and the demand for housing.
  • Identify the social determinants of health and the relationship between GDP per capita and healthcare expenditure

Who is this Course for

  • Economists, financial planners and corporate professionals who work in insurance companies, pension funds, asset management firms, banks and other financial institutions.
  • Actuaries, given the aging population influence on the insurance market.
  • Policymakers, regulators, civil servants, and government officials responsible for making decisions on economic or social policies.

Skills Covered in this Course

#Financial demography, #longevity risk,  #investment strategies, #real estate, #interest rates, #risk management, #reinsurance, #health equity, #population aging, #healthcare systems, #social determinants of health #ESG.

Structure of the Course

Asynchronized, self-paced with 30 units of content, including practical industry insights from well-known experts in the field


MODULE 1- THE DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS OF AGING AROUND THE WORLD; Dr. med. Hans Groth, Chairman WDA Forum; followed by industry insights: Interview with Prof. Anina Hille, on the effect of the changing demography on Labor markets

MODULE 2- IS THE FRONTIER OF SURVIVAL STILL ADVANCING?Prof. Dr. Roland Rau, Member of the WDA Global Longevity Council; followed by ndustry insights: Interview with Mr. Kai Kaufhold, Managing Director of Ad Res on practical insights and future trends in longevity risk


MODULE 4 - THE EFFECT OF AGING ON REAL ESTATE, FINANCIAL MARKETS AND INTEREST RATES; Dr. Manuel  Buchmann, Research Director, WDA Forum; followed by industry insights: Interview with Prof. Dr. Oliver Kruse on aging and its effect on global trends in real estate and interest rates

More Information

Gain a Certificate of Completion from Fintech for Longevity Academy in collaboration with the World Demographic and Ageing Forum, St. Gallen, Switzerland after passing the test with a minimum of 80 points out of 100

For more information, send us an email at or download the brochure.


Dr. Hans Groth
Chairman of the World Demographic and Ageing Forum

Dr. med. Hans Groth, MBA is the Chairman of the Board of the World Demographic & Aging Forum (WDAForum) and a Member of the Board of Directors of Rehabilitation Clinic Bad ZurzachAG. Since 2009. Dr. Groth has been a guest lecturer at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland with the topic "Megatrend: Global Demographic Change." From 2009 – 2015 he was Member of the Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum.

Prof. Dr. Roland Rau
University of Rostock & Member of the WDA Longevity Council

Roland Rau is Professor of Demography at the University of Rostock, Germany, and Senior Research Scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, situated also in Rostock. He holds a Diploma in Political Science (Germany's former equivalent of a Master's degree) and a PhD in Demography. His research is situated at the intersection of demography, epidemiology and statistics. Apart from his methodological work and visualizations of mortality dynamics, Rau studies mortality in aging societies, predominantly in Europe. (photo: Fotostudio Hagedorn, Rostock).

Dr. Ira Sobel
Founder and Academic Director, Fintech for Longevity Academy

Dr. Ira Sobel is the founder and Academic Director of Fintech for Longevity Academy, a trusted provider of financial longevity for corporate professionals around the world. Dr. Sobel specializes in the economic aspects of aging with a particular focus on the role of Fintech in improving the financial well-being of older adults and their families. Dr. Sobel lives in Israel where she is currently teaching a course on “Financial Inclusion in the Fintech Age” at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is an international speaker and advisor to many Fintech companies and VCs around the world. Dr. Sobel has a PhD in Sociology from Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Manuel Buchmann
Research Director, World Demographic and Ageing Forum

Manuel Buchmann is Research Director at the World Demographic & Ageing Forum (WDA Forum) and project manager at Demografik. He holds a PhD in Applied Economics from the University of Basel. In his dissertation he analyzed the effect of demographic change on the Swiss labor market. His current research focuses on labor shortages and the relationship between demography and financial markets (“Financial Demography”). He coordinates all research activities of the WDA Forum.

What Others Have to Say About Our Courses

Douglas Dubitsky
Retirement Income Export
GoalBased Investors

“The instructors explained the content very clearly. The most important takeaway for me from the course was the universality of the longevity challenges and opportunities. In addition, the reality of the aging population demographics vs. the perception of what financial institutions are promoting.”

Nil Meral

“Overall, I rate the course “Excellent”. Thanks a lot for all the great sessions.”

Barbara Rey Actis
Entrepreneur and author
Longevity Initiatives

“I would like to congratulate you on the organization of the course. The content, the material, the duration, all the concepts, and the explanations were great. I love the Slack tool for creating community also. I am very, very happy with all the knowledge I acquired after taking this course. Thank you.”