AgeTech for Startups - Deep Dive into Technologies for Aging

Navigate the AgeTech landscape with confidence! Our comprehensive startup course provides invaluable insights into leverageing technology for aging demographics, empowering you to create innovative solutions that meet the needs of older adults. Gain expert knowledge, practical skills, and a competitive edge in this rapidly growing field.
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What you'll learn

  • Explain the fundamentals of AgeTech and its applications.
  • Develop tech-enabled solutions to address challenges faced by older adults.
  • Identify current trends and opportunities in the AgeTech industry.
  • Apply strategies from leading tech companies in the AgeTech space.
  • Plan for future innovations and directions in AgeTech.

Who is this course for

  • Tech entrepreneurs and startup founders
  • Innovators in the healthcare and aging sectors
  • Investors and venture capitalists
  • Product managers and designers
  • Policy makers and regulators
  • Academics and researchers

Course content

1. Understanding the Psychology of Aging
2. Money Management and Planning for the Future
3. Decision Making and Psychological Well-being
4. Wrap-Up
Introduction - Aging in Australia from an International Perspective
1. Understanding Australia’s Aging Population
2. Healthcare Landscape in Australia
3. Australian Cultural Perspectives
4. AgeTech in Australia
5. Future Trends of Aging in Australia
1. The Demographic Trends of Aging Around the World
2. Is The Frontier of Survival Still Advancing?
3. The Reciprocal Relationship Between Society, Healthcare, and Aging
4. Effects of Aging on Real Estate, Financial Markets & Interest Rate
1. What is Age-Friendly Banking
2. The 3 Interrelated Elements of Age-Friendly Banking
3. Age-friendly Banking in Practice, Part I
4. Age friendly Banking in Practice, Part II
1. Setting The Stage
2. Financial Inclusion 1.0 Versus Financial Inclusion 2.0
3. Strategies For Measuring Financial Inclusion Around the World
4. Mobile Money, Poverty, and Gender Equality
5. Religion, Gender, Race, and Old Age in the New Digital Banking
6. Micro-Pensions and Savings
7. Credit, Risk, and Financial Inclusion
8. Future Trends (such as a Digital Central Currency) and Their Expected Impact on Financial Inclusion
1. Short Introduction
2. Alternative Saving Models in the Digital World
1. Understanding the Biology of Aging
2. The Longevity Market, Money and Research
3. The Conventional Approach to Longevity
4. Longevity Medicine and Best Practices
5. Longevity - The Long Term
6. Key Takeaways & Further Reading
1. Navigating Relationships
2. Navigating Purpose
3. Navigating Health
4. Navigating Wealth
1. Foundations of AgeTech and Aging
2. Challenges of Aging - Tech-Enabled Solutions
3. Trends and Opportunities in AgeTech
4. Big Tech in AgeTech
5. Future Directions and Innovation in AgeTech
1. General Overview of The Old Population in India
2. Leading Challenges
3. Examples of Government Initiatives
4. Key Takeaways

Skills covered in this course

AgeTech strategies
tech solutions
innovation design
market opportunities
ecosystem understanding
strategic planning
case studies


  • No previous knowledge required



Keren Etkin

Keren is the author of The AgeTech Revolution book, creator of, and the founder/director of AgeLabIL at Shenkar college in Israel, an interdisciplinary R&D center focusing on agetech. Named one of the most influential people in aging, Etkin is a sought-after public speaker and advisor for agetech startups, investors in the longevity economy, care providers and organizations who work on innovation in aging. Previously, Etkin was the first employee at Intuition Robotics, maker of ElliQ, a pioneering social robot designed with and for older adults, and co-founder & VP of Product at, a startup that developed the first artificial intelligence solution for remote care monitoring. She holds an M.A. in Gerontology and a B.Sc. in Life Sciences from Ben-Gurion University.



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Professional Certificate
Acquire a certificate showcasing your skill mastery.
Recommended level
Live, via Zoom
Mode of learning
Professional Certificate
Acquire a certificate showcasing your skill mastery.
Recommended level
Live, via Zoom
Mode of learning