Introducing LongeviTech TLV

November 6, 2022

The rise in life expectancy is changing the way we live, save, spend, retire, and pass on wealth to the next generations. A reset in our approach to aging and longevity is greatly needed. Longevity creates opportunities for ‘healthy aging’ but it also comes with risks, such as wealth de-accumulation and longer periods of social and economic dependence. Financial sectors around the globe must therefore explore novel ways to empower the aging population through innovation.


LONGEVITECH TLV is an interdisciplinary conference for the global community with the aim of leveraging global perspectives, best practices and ways we can work together to ensure financial wellness and healthy aging for all. Key areas such as changing demography, late-life financing, data and AI, utilization of rights, retirement and end-of-life planning are global issues that require collective thinking, collaboration across different countries and disciplines and universal solutions. It requires thinking across boundaries.

LongeviTech TLV is an integral part of our mission to build a more inclusive financial world to support the process of aging around the world.

The conference objectives include:

✓ Harnessing global perspectives, ideas and best practices.

✓ Redefining the process of aging through innovation and collaboration.

✓ Leading change and social impact by building a more inclusive society for the aging population across the globe.

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LongeviTech TLV is co-organized by Fintech for Longevity Academy and Fintech Calling, a leading production company from the UK. This conference is an opportunity to be an early adopter and play a key part in a global ecosystem at its inception, be well aware of the latest technologies and learn about cutting-edge innovation in the AgeTech and Fintech for Aging domains. It is also an opportunity to share ideas and best practices with aging and longevity entrepreneurs, experts and thought leaders from banks, insurance companies, innovation and data centers, and healthcare providers. We expect delegations from Europe, the USA and Asia and through this conference we look forward to increasing awareness about the need to adopt a new mindset among organizations that want to build a more inclusive world for their aging customers and employees.

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LONGEVITECH TLV will focus on the intersection of finance, technology and aging/longevity. Attendees will deliberate, explore ideas and share know-how on how we empower the social and economic resilience of individuals as they age, regardless of socio-economic status, background, geography and culture. Participants will look at the latest innovation and take a deep dive into the challenges, trends and disruptions that will shape the way people will live, work and retire across the globe.

The following issues will be discussed on panels, roundtables and interactive masterclasses:

✓Leveraging Real-time Data and AI for ‘Healthy Aging’

✓How can Fintech and Insurtech serve the Future of Longevity?

✓Retirement Planning and Longevity Financing: What are the alternative models for underserved communities?

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✓Legacy, intergenerational transfers and end-of-life : Exploring digital tools and Web 3.0 applications

✓Innovation Centres, Accelerators and VCs investing in ‘healthy aging’ – Who will be the next unicorn?

✓Women’s health and wealth around the world: Will technology help close the gender gap?

✓Cash, Payments and Online Banking: Closing the digital divide

✓The role of governments and regulators in addressing the challenge of aging

✓Age-friendly Banking: What we can learn from best practices around the globe.

On the second day of the conference, we plan a tour of the ancient port of Jaffa.

For the first line of speakers, you are invited to visit the conference's website.

More news:

The Business of Longevity in India

India's first education program on the business of aging, offered by Fintech for Longevity Academy in partnership with Longevity Hub, a platform that tracks the impact of longevity on Indian society. While considered a young country, India has a mixed demographic with both young and rapidly aging states, which is likely to impact many facets of life. Understanding the multidimensional aspect of aging can unlock opportunities to build products and services that cater to the silver generation.

As a first step, we offer a one-hour (free) masterclass that will provide a bird’s eye view of the global longevity ecosystem, innovations and the business of aging in India. The session is relevant for professionals, researchers, investors and entrepreneurs who want to delve into the demographic trend of aging in India and the opportunities of the Silver economy in the country. For more information, please visit our website.

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About Fintech for Longevity:

Fintech for Longevity is a novel platform that bridges financial technology and financial inclusion. By focusing on the global aging trend, we help governments, global organizations, FinTech startups, banks, insurance companies, VCs and other financial institutions around the world prepare for the trend of aging and the future of longevity. We do so through innovation, education and thought leadership.

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