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Caring About Care

Caren Grown, Senior Fellow, Center for Sustainable Development

Live Long & Prosper: Longevity is Tech’s New Frontier

Life expectancy is increasing, but so are risks. CTech profiles some of the leading innovative Israeli startups in LongeviTech

Private Financing of Long‑Term Care: Income, Savings and Reverse Mortgages

To what extent would older Europeans be able to pay for their long‑term care needs out of their income and assets if they had no access to informal care or public insurance? To answer this question, we build a microsimulation model and estimate the disability trajecto‑ ries of those currently aged 65 or older in nine European countries using the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE).

Reverse Mortgages, Financial Inclusions, and Economic Development

This paper examines the state of reverse mortgage markets in selected countries around the world and considers the potential benefits and risks of these products from a financial inclusion and economic benefit standpoint.

Global Aging 2023: The Clock Ticks

In this week's summary of ratings views: We look at what disruption means for the world out to 2030. Governments face a ticking financial clock from aging populations. The chaotic end of zero-COVID in China is unlikely to hamper a gathering recovery.
December 24, 2022

The Longevity Economy Outlook

The Longevity Economy outlooks are a series of data analyses from AARP that describe the contributions of Americans age 50-plus, worth over $9 trillion in 2018 and projected to grow through 2050.
December 24, 2022

The WHO report of Ageism


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