• By Admin
  • Nov 30, 2020

Good news about the trend of Aging in Place


While Aging in Place is no longer just a future trend but a sound fact, many services including financial services will have to adapt to the increasing number of older adults navigating #longevity in their homes.
From an economic perspective, ageing in place raises a number of new challenges for older adults and their family caregivers,
Who will help older adults pay their bills? How the risk of financial scams and fraud can be mitigated? How can we ensure that OOP medical expenses are optimized? What are the new ways to generate income from homes and human capital in order to finance longevity?
And at the same time, get financial help from someone we trust..
We, at fintech4longevity.com with potential partners, are working hard to figure out what might be a comprehensive solution for our parents (and for us as caregivers) while they are aging in place.

In the context of improving the life of those who age in place, Honor has just recently raised $140 million Series D to find ways to expand their home care offerings.