• By Admin
  • Jul 24, 2021

Executive training program

As a part of our Executive training programs, Fintech For Longevity has partnered with Ahmedabad Management Association-AMA to bring fintech to executives in India. Starting on the 30th of July, for this 6-session online course, Ira Sobel has curated a special curriculum for those who are interested in understanding the foundations of Fintech and the current and future trends (payments, ai ml, bigdata, disruption, crowdfunding lending blockchain, finacial inclusion, open Banking).

Among others, the guest experts who will be part of the Faculty are: Michal Halperin Ben Zvi (PhD.) an expert on the relationship between Fintech and financial inclusion with a focus on inclusive financial services for older-adults and; Subhashini (Su) Simha, a marketing expert who will be talking about her Career in Fintech.