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Aging in the Philippines

The Philippines' aging population represents a distinctive point of junction between demographic shifts and cultural dynamics. Find out how the Philippines is unique among nations due to its own cultural values and customs that influence older persons' lives.

Redefining Access to Cash in an Aging World

In today's fast-paced world, digital transformation is occurring at an exponential rate, transforming the way we live, work, and even retire. While these advancements have brought immense benefits, they have also created a digital divide, leaving many individuals and communities behind including a large group of the aging population.

Una Longevidad con Sentido

An interview with Barbara Rey Actis, the author of Longevidad Con Sentido ("Longevity with a purpose").

The Challenge of Ageism in AI

Despite the enormous advantages of using AI as a life-saving mechanism, it is important to consider potential age biases in AI to ensure that the technology is fair and does not discriminate against certain groups of people.

News! F4L Academy signed an MOU with the Global Initiative on Ageing Foundation

On 13 February FinTech for Longevity Academy signed an MOU with the Global Initiative of Ageing Foundation (GIA Foundation) to provide a cooperation framework to implement activities in the field of Ageing.

Introducing LongeviTech TLV

LONGEVITECH TLV is an interdisciplinary conference for the global community with the aim of leveraging global perspectives, best practices and ways we can work together to ensure financial wellness and healthy aging for all

Defining Financial Longevity

Financial longevity is multi-dimensional and hence, requires a strong framework to build a new set of products and solutions for the aging population

The New Meaning of Risk in the Age of Longevity

Longevity changes the meaning of risk beyond the well-known longevity and mortality risks. It is influenced by risk factors that are embedded in the aging process, such as the transition to retirement and deteriorating health.

Thoughts on the Report of the Expert Committee on Longevity Finance in India

By building a novel infrastructure in the GIFT city, India is expected to be one of the first nations that are taking serious steps in the preparation for the aging trend

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What is FemFintech and why is it so important for longevity?

Economic participation and opportunity are crucial to the financial resilience of women and hence to their economic resilience in late life

Pensioners in Argentina are struggling to access their main source of income

The demographic trend of aging in Argentina indicates that the older population will continue to rise over the next few decades.

What blockchain experts have surprisingly ignored

Blockchain has been widely used globally in supply chain management. Different parties, often competitors, have been using blockchain to improve operational transparency, immutability, and trust throughout the various stages of delivering goods from one place to another.

What is financial innovation for aging & longevity ?

The demographic trend of aging around the world bears new challenges and opportunities for the financial sector. Data show that the 50 plus population in the US (not less than 110 million people) is driving remarkable economic growth.

The New Unbanked

Currently, 1.7 billion people around the world do not have access to a bank account. Among these people, there are many individuals who live day-to-day by using the previous day’s earnings to buy their food and other necessities.

The Dynamic Relationship between Wealth and Subjective Well-being among Mid-Life and Older adults

Abstract: Accumulated wealth, as a store of economic means and consumption potential, is a particularly relevant resource in later life, when labor market income terminates or declines, and state support is limited

The disruptive impact of FinTech on Retirement Systems — A Book Review

The basic role of a “robo-advisor” is to manage the customer’s investments while considering all information about the consumer, often gathered by a set of questions when opening an account.”

How to increase usage of mobile payments amongst older adults? Towards an inclusive Fintech for the older generation

Despite the growth in the use of smartphones in the US, many older adults experience barriers in adopting mobile payments. This article demonstrates how payment providers can increase their market share in the 65+ segment of the population by deploying a more inclusive strategy to develop electronic wallets and payment apps.

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